Free live homegrown webcams

Now that we’re firmly in the all-consuming grasp of the digital age, it’s inevitable that the art we consume, and the way we consume it, is going to move with the times.

#Cam4art is an online webcam-based performance art event that responds to digital intimacy and internet live-stream culture.

Camellias and Japanese magnolias are bursting into bloom, brightening gray days with shocks of pink and purple, a high chorus of color against the base notes of evergreen foliage.

After a crew opened up the walls to replumb and rewire and moved an awkward staircase from the sunroom to the deck, Jeremy's dad offered to upgrade IKEA cabinet boxes with custom doors and drawer fronts, and Elizabeth's dad volunteered to paint them, using a brush in homage to the home's 19th-century roots.

"We desperately needed a dishwasher," says Elizabeth, "but we had no desire to replace the Wedgewood stove." De Witt ran ducts for a vent liner and an existing stove pipe through a new ceiling.

Creative expression, by definition, is constantly evolving to respond to the world in which it’s developed.

Over the past few centuries, artistic trends have undergone a huge transformation – from the classic portraiture and realism of the late 1800’s, abstract expressionism of the mid 20 century to the postmodernism of recent times.

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    One is turning 17 next week - and he is a proper grown-up - and the other one is 20." It says something about Laura Whitmore that her heroes are not chi-chi fashion designers and rock stars. She is wearing skinny jeans and a denim shirt today.