Expecting who you are dating to be monogamous

Source: Shutterstock What are some expectations we place on our boyfriends or male companions in a relationship? Why do some of us expect husband privileges from men we simply deem as boyfriends?

In dating relationships, many women often confuse the role of a boyfriend with that of a husband.

" conversation because they fear looking like they're moving too fast or look desperate. If I develop feelings for someone and want to continue seeing them and I think they feel the same way, I will assume that they're not longer sleeping with anyone but I still ask to be clear. I agree with what PP said, sometimes you don't want to seem like you're moving too fast but I'd rather know than get my feelings hurt later. If you haven't defined the relationship, you may not think it's the same as the other person... A lot of people "casually date" which means they are taking to and seeing multiple people (not always sleeping with but maybe). In NYC, if you don't have the talk, you're not exclusive.

Luckily I've always been responded to with "no, why are you? My friend was friends wth a guy for 2 years and they started dating.

I know some of you may be thinking, what husband-like expectations do some women actually place on their boyfriends? That includes paying bills that you created, buying groceries, placing the responsibility of taking care of your child/children on him when he’s not the father…just to name a few.

While there is nothing wrong with a man doing these things for his significant other (girlfriend), especially if he volunteers to do it out of the kindness of his heart, we should know not to expect these and other husband privileges from a man who has not put a ring on it.

Here are 4 ways that you have to start “thinking monogamous” after you finally find that special someone: You don’t have to abandon your individual identity when you embrace monogamy, but you do have to realize that you’re essentially forming a partnership with the other person. If you want to go to Europe for a month, you need to discuss it.

"Always waiting for the guy to initiate contact is annoying to most men," says Harold, 35.

"At some point you need to let him know you're interested by reaching out.

“I may have lied about my height by an inch…how dare she lie about her weight?

” “I’ve been dating on JDate on and off for six years…look at that loser – he’s been using JDate the entire time I’ve been on here and still hasn’t found someone.” “I lowered my age to be seen by more people…but what’s with these guys who take off ten years and don’t tell you until the first date?

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