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We have only the most important rules to protect the site and its chatters.After all we do get a lot of new visitors from all around the world.Its always a good idea to read the chat guidelines so that you enjoy chatting in this free chat site.To help you get familiar with the chat rules we have also placed them under each video chat room.If you are a mature adult over the age of 18, we welcome you to our open minded community.We have been providing an open forum for erotic discussions for many years now, and have developed a friendly place for a diverse community of chatters from around the world. If you continue into this web site, you agree to, and are bound by our terms and conditions, and our privacy policy. to get things off their chest and to relax away from their partners and kids, Please feel free to talk about anything and dont be embarressed after all were all men. This room is for the - (MEN ONLY) as per the title ! This is our place to come together and talk about us for a change , This is a room where we can talk about "What ever it is we talk about" women, kids, cars, beer, sex, ect: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TALK ABOUT WHAT EVER IT IS YOU WANT TO SAY, AFTER ALL WERE ALL MEN WITH THE SAME PARTS DONT BE EMBARRASSED.

We also take your privacy very seriously and do not trade your data to third parties for easy sharing buttons or analytics and things like that unlike most other web sites.The free text chat rooms have cool features like sexy emoticons, private messages, the ability to create your own private rooms, and they are well moderated.People enjoy our free, no registration required sex chat rooms all over the world, so you will likely meet people from several different time zones inside the main chat system.Failure to comply with these simple rules can result in you being banned from the video chats for up to 24 hours and in some cases server banned How Can You Report Someone?We want everyone who visits our free video chat site to enjoy the time they spend here.

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