Does kathy griffin dating anderson cooper

Griffin has released six comedy albums, all of which received Grammy Award nominations.

Her first album, For Your Consideration (2008), made her the first female comedian to debut at the top of the Billboard Top Comedy Albums chart.

Cooper has complained that Griffin is a terrible house guest.

Griffin has joked about the many ways she would like to humiliate Cooper on air.

In response to Anderson Cooper's announcement that he is gay, Kathy Griffin wrote in the Daily Beast that while she is proud of her friend, she thinks he needs to be careful.

Cooper and Griffin are close friends who appear on one another shows, and co-host CNN's live coverage of New Years Eve.

In her piece for the Daily Beast, Griffin also wrote that she was often asked about Cooper's sexuality by the press.

For years, Cooper did not publicly address his sexuality, but finally came out in an interview with Daily Beast writer Andrew Sullivan on Monday.

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Cooper previously called the photo shoot "clearly disgusting" but clarified Tuesday night he's still tight with Griffin.

Anderson Cooper is breaking his silence on close friend Kathy Griffin‘s graphic photo shoot where she beheads President Donald Trump.

The 49-year-old CNN anchor has taken to Twitter to slam the “inappropriate” shoot.

The 49-year-old broadcast journalist is a big believer in maintaining privacy and not opening up much about his life outside of the studio.

But we do know that his partner is 43-year-old Benjamin Maisani, and the couple met in 2009.

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