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It requires that they listen; identify the numbers, words, or pictures on the card; place a cover on the squares (fine motor skills), and recognize the pattern of covered squares.

Many bingo games are commercial and available through online or brick and mortar stores.

Some board games and many electronic games are available commercially or online, but they don't always support the skills that your students need to build.

At the same time, many online computer games fail to support social interaction, which is an important benefit of supporting instruction with board games. Kids with disabilities love bingo because it doesn't require knowing lots of rules, and since everyone plays through every game, it scores well on the engagement scale.

However, the cortege belongs to someone else entirely: local villain Harry Rose, whose mourners are under the surveillance of none other than Thursday and Strange.

The scene neatly encapsulates two of the major characteristics of the show in general, and this series in particular.

She believes he is responsible for the murder of Clissold, a local businessman recently found shot dead in his car.

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I recently moved to this paragraph, so I don’t know any punctuation here.

I’m an Instructional Designer for Infopeople , working with subject matter experts to develop and deliver online courses.

Full Name: Oxford Stanford Comma Nickname (s): Real, slim, and shady Age: Debated Height: 12 pt.

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    In the lawsuit, Wolfe described Chief Marketing Officer Justin Mateen as "verbally controlling and abusive." She accused him of repeatedly calling her a "slut" and a "whore," including in front of CEO Sean Rad. But as their relationship soured, Wolfe alleges that she was informed by Mateen and Rad that she was being stripped of her co-founder title.