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In fact, 5% of Americans who are married or in a committed relationship admitted that they found their partners online. The attitude towards online Filipino dating sites has grown more positive over the years.

What's more, English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, so communication is straight forward, and as the majority of Filipina ladies are Christian, cultural compatibility is easier than some other Asian countries.

We have concentrated on not only just the Philippines, but the central part specifically.

The central third of the country is the Visayas with Cebu, being the second largest city in the Philippines. Manila is the very large capital city of the Philippines.

There are rumors that Filipino Cupid is a scam, but it is not true.

Filipino Cupid is a legit website, several users have already found their partners and spouses through this site. However, you have to be careful with how you interact with other users because some use this site and take advantage of it by milking other users with money.

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