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The guy looked me up and down, told me I had to change my nail color. So, I show up and we do some 2CB and he runs me through the tools – this is a flogger, this is a crop. The PM shift rolled around and I was still high and he said “Are you ready to work? I got my first client at 4 AM and the walls were still melting. Most places that close are because they aren’t making enough money or stalker issues. Basically, if someone has an issue, we all go to the door, one person approaches and if necessary we bum rush with every weapon we have, which thankfully we are all trained to use. My regulars, the folks I have been seeing for years, they see me because I do something they like and I excel at. I provide a service that allows them to safely and appropriately live out this fetish. Then I ask “What they are you most excited about doing today?

But perhaps there are few groups of people for whom the ability to talk and be heard is needed more, than for those attempting the heinous activity of dating in New York City.

This site provides access to images of nude adults engaging in acts of Bondage, Fetishism Domination, Sadism and Masochism.

Access is made available only to those who accept the terms of the following agreement.

It will raise money for RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence non-profit in the country, and they’ve also lined up a whole bunch of great sponsors to make this a valuable night for everyone, whether single, dating, hitched, or otherwise.

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