Dads againts daughters dating

I don’t have a lot of experience with “coming out” as I don’t fall under the LGBTQA umbrella, but I do think that Emma and Killian would most certainly not care if their kid was.

I owe 5ekaytert887 a Wes fic and that is half way done, but my Beth muse got a hold of me and I really felt the need to go with it.

I was in mortal fear of what would happen when boys entered their lives. Would they pick losers because they thought they didn’t deserve better?

My solution was to join the imaginary organization DADD (Dads Against Daughters Dating), whose slogan is, “Shoot the first one, the word will spread.” In other words, I had no solution.

I will work on the Wes fic tomorrow, I promise, and hopefully post it by tomorrow night. Feel free to chat with me over on Tumblr @ distant-rose.Killian Jones loves his daughter with everything in his heart, but these days he misses when she was a little minnow in his arms who wanted nothing more than to splash around in the waves, fiddle around with his hook and giggle against his chest as they watched whales break the ocean’s surface while taking the Jolly on the joy ride.

Anyway, thank you welpthisishappening for listening to me babble on and on about these children. Now, she’s a full-fledged teenage girl, no longer sweet and adorable, but clever, gorgeous and maddeningly charming with a penchant for tight fitted clothing and low neck lines that blatantly show off more cleavage than Killian is comfortable with.

I know some fathers love these kinds of events, but I was fairly apprehensive about going. Because aside from perhaps family weddings, when do you ever get dressed up, buy your date flowers, and go dancing without there being some kind of romantic agenda on the table?

Admittedly, this conversation was made rather amusing by my father’s complete and utter lack of gaydar.

I remember my (male) grade six teacher for Sex Ed explaining to our class why girls were treated differently than boys: girls could get pregnant.

D.” and in smaller script below this acronym it read: “Dads Against Daughters Dating”.

My father was like the man at Car Free Day, proud of his opposition to his daughter dating.

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