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The weed campaigner - whose own rap songs include Rollin, Rollin, Rollin…

Stoned and Commemoration of Vaporization - ironically attacked those who smoke tobacco cigarettes over marijuana, saying people needed to 'Give weed a chance'.

It sounds pretty drama free, but oh there’s more, stories of betrayal, deceit and…

OK, it is never that serious except it’s a telenovella, so lets dig right in.

” the “Next Episode” rapper shared on Instagram on Wednesday, Jan.Cori Broadus and her friends were like most teens at the Monday night bash -- heads buried in their phones, avoiding the dance floor ... even though papa Snoop was urging them to get up and party. shes gorgeous n the lot of u's r just jealous of her n her family so get a grip!!shes a young gorgeous intelligent girl with alot ahead of her.

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