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Late Wednesday night, I was asked a question that I have not been able to stop thinking about since. It appeared plain and direct at first, but was actually layered and nuanced, which is to say it was my favorite kind of question. So when thinking on the question, the following six rules need to be considered and followed: The main team this rule has an effect against is the Davids. Now, if we’re going to extend that into something bigger here, then we’re going to need to do some fence-building first to help the conversation keep its shape.Some women get a taste of the WAG world and run fleeing for the hills, never to return again. While some others seem to be gluttons for punishment, tolerant of the wandering eye that is standard issue, and keep coming back for more—undeterred by the indignities that often come with the territory. Let's take a look at 25 women who have dated more than one athlete and keep coming back for more.public breakup from Chad Johnson after the NFL wide receiver allegedly head-butted her during the course of an argument in August 2012; the pair had been married just over a month.That's not to say that every lady goes for the gold digger label, but it seems there are more than less that do.With that in mind, I'm giving you a few athlete relationships that you may or may not remember every actually happening—yet did.So just like your ex's, let's take a look at some relationships a few athletes may want to forget.

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And they started way down this season and are hobbling toward the All-Star break with an underwhelming 27-26 record (that's likely to be 27-27 after they play the Warriors tonight).As Khloe Kardashian already knew, that NBA lifestyle isn't always conducive to balanced personal relationships.The 31-year-old star and her basketball star boyfriend James Harden have broken up, the long distance ultimately getting to them the way it has gotten to so many couples—famous and otherwise—before.One thing that's a serious perk of being a professional athlete—besides the fortune, fame and, if lucky, a championship—are the copious amounts of women who instantly become available to date.Going from ugly duckling to Prince Charming, once the athlete is seen shaking it in the club, the girls come flocking.

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