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I became a huge podcast fan—an obsessive one, as my poor husband discovered. There are times when he’s like, “I can’t believe you said that.” But he’s been awesome about it. And I wanted something lighthearted on my way to work, and I love to talk about relationships; that’s all I want to talk about with my friends. I like talking to strangers, and I like escaping the Hollywood bubble. But I think as celebrities, you end up talking about yourself a whole lot and sometimes it’s really nice to talk about other people’s lives. He’s never said that I shouldn’t talk about something, which he probably thinks a lot! I am, but what overcomes it or what balances out the fear, is that it feels therapeutic and liberating to be in control of my story. I think it’s because I have to have control over it and I don’t want the town to make me feel insecure about it. Kick the excitement up a notch and play for huge prizes in Caesars Contests, video slots and poker tournaments – no entry fee required! Exciting slots action is always at your fingertips with House of Fun!With stunning graphics, captivating features & the widest selection of games, it’s easy to see why House of Fun is the choice of true slots.Either we haven't yet collected data for this app, or it has been removed from the app store.

You’ll love the huge variety of games including fan favorites like Pink Panther, Richie Rich and Dr. Plus, connect to Facebook to play with the same account on the web and all your mobile devices!And he comes over and he has this whole presentation; I had no idea that he was even listening to me. We started incorporating more improv segments because I have so much fun doing it. We had never met, and there was this great juxtaposition between his hardcore New Yorkishness and my Northwest whatever-I-am. I’m not sure Courtney Love should be giving advice to anyone, though. Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast.And then I just thought, I kind of want a hobby, since Chris has been shooting a lot. I met him with this other group of friends when I first moved there. I think that’s really rewarding to me, and our guests find it really rewarding too. Why did you choose to focus the podcast on relationships? I’m sure that it embarrasses him when I’m making orgasm noises. You’ve talked about your marriage, your sex life, your age. It was a side effect that I didn’t really expect and that’s been really amazing. I just got so tired when a piece would be written about me and it would always mention my age. And then I started to notice how all actresses have that too. So I remember one time she told me and I started saying, “Oh man, I think I have a really huge pussy.” So that’s where all that stems from. Because when the news broke there were a few publications that referenced the podcast and I was like, “Oh my God, I hope they don’t think I picked up on something and spoke.” But I don’t think they were dating when they were doing it because I got a text from him like a week and a half or two weeks later and it said, “Jenny and I are thinking about maybe going out on a date or whatever.” So I really don’t think they were dating. So I started asking around to some friends, and I asked this technical producer guy what equipment I should buy on Amazon. Over the years, as there have been divorces and career changes, for some reason out of that original group, he and I have remained in touch. Chris and I aren’t in the tabloids too much, but it feels like I have more control over my story. Just yesterday, I was thinking I wonder why I talk about my age so much? And then it started making me crazy, and then I started getting mad at myself for getting crazy about it. Have any of your friends asked to be on the show yet?

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