Changmin and victoria dating

Hawk-eyed netizens, however, zoomed in on a figure reflected on a spoon seen in the photo, claiming it was TVXQ’s Changmin and that the two were on a date.What made fans grow more suspicious was that Victoria immediately deleted the photo after netizens made the discovery.As long as everyone is happy, I am happy." "I am currently single. I refuse to be part of press manipulation," she added a couple of hours later.Rumors about Victoria and Yang's romance surfaced in April after a photo of the SM Entertainment and the "Once Upon A Time" actor was shared on his social media account.It starts when Kyuhyun says something like – "Heard about the new trainee? " Changmin doesn't bother glancing up from his phone. They're chilling in a practice room, essentially wasting time under the pretext of work."What about her? It's our duty as her seniors," he says, getting to his feet. Her expression changes when she sees who it is and she bows immediately, a perfect 90 degrees.“Yunho-sshi,” she squeaks. " Changmin mumbles, distracted."I heard her boobs are huge," Minho says enthusiastically. Kyuhyun and Minho cackle and start after him, but they're stopped at the door by an unimpressed-looking Yunho."Nice try nerds," he says.

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The group released a song used for the commercial called "Love Again" for the Samsung Beat Festival.

"She just went home."They all crowd around him, eager for more information."You've already met her?

Yunho needs to get his eyes checked or something, because describing Song Qian as 'nice' is like describing a tropical rainforest as green. She's chatting animatedly with Amber on the other side of the room, her long hair pulled back into a ponytail. “Or Victoria – that’s her stage name.”Victoria bows politely and Changmin nods in reply. Yunho turns the music off and Victoria spins around, annoyed at the sudden intrusion. Victoria’s eyes swivel up to him.“Changmin-sshi,” she breathes, straightening. Grumbling, Changmin retreats to the couch and sprawls across it with a manga in hand.

The musician received a series of hateful comments from Chinese netizens shortly after the link-up and even threatened to take legal action against those responsible for the malicious remarks.

"[Victoria] has been viciously attacked by netizens," the singer's Chinese management label said in a statement, according to All KPop." The incident has defamed Victoria's reputation, and Victoria herself was mentally hurt.

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