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As Miss Illinois in 1990, she placed fourth in that year's Miss America pageant.

The Compelling Audition The actress, who was aware of, at first did not want the role of Seven of Nine.

Her Favorite Episodes "My favorite episodes were always the ones where Seven got to explore her humanity," Ryan told last year. Alex Ryan and Gisele Lynn Eme are Ryan's two children.

All that plus more Saturday panels wrap-up, including dancing Ferengi.

Mulgrew, Russ, Wang, and Phillips: Voyager Cast Returns Home …

To Vegas Whether it’s the bridge of a starship, a prison cell, or a stage, Kate Mulgrew is in command wherever she is.

It was particularly thrilling for fans to see Kate, given her recent success with Orange Is The New Black (for which, to any Trek fan who has been on Mars with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears, she has received an Emmy nomination).

“I know it’s far afield from Captain Janeway, but I think Kathryn Janeway would like Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov,” Kate said.

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