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'Immediately everyone felt the jolt and everyone knew there was something wrong.' 'When he mentioned there was an issue with the landing gear, we got a little hysterical,' said Ortiz. Upon landing, airport fire and rescue units say they spotted a fuel leak on the E190 aircraft.

Emergency crews applied foam to contain the fuel spill.'Landing was very turbulent, extremely rough. As soon as we landed, the fire department was there and immediately started foaming the engines and all the fuel spillage that was on the tarmac,' said Ortiz. Thank God the pilot got us there safely.' Passengers were taken off the plane and brought back to the gate where they were put onto another aircraft.

Some 15 minutes after Flight 1808 took off for New York's JFK Airport, the captain told passengers they would have to return to D. Some passengers said they heard an unusual sound coming from the engine.

Contrary to popular opinion, the first man-made object ever to reach the surface of the moon was actually a Soviet probe called the Luna 2 in 1959, the U. reached the surface on July 20 1969 with the manned Apollo 11 mission.

Nasa has painstakingly rebutted the doubters over the years, but in 2002 astronaut Buzz Aldrin resorted to physical violence to make his point, punching a documentary maker who claimed the Moon missions were faked.

Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

The plane involved in Thursday night's incident was inspected more closely for signs of damage on Thursday morning.

Our "City Fathers" (loose term) saying goodbye to HMS Plymouth, public access, sorry; any access at all!! to Drakes Island, allowing the the Palace Theatre to decompose as an excuse to demolish it, the Plymouth Dome on the Hoe being closed down, saying please let me knock you down to the 1960s iconic Civic Centre, yes, that's when we had a proud Plymouth, the Mayflower Steps allowed to be falling down..did the founding Pilgrim Fathers do for Plymouth anyway, ok, they just left and helped found one of the greatest countries ever, the United not forgetting the Park Pharmacy driven from the city limits, & destroying any other possible heritage on sight, BUT now we have risen to the glorious crowning monstrous carbuncle of Plymuff-ness, "to haste with the contrived closure of Plymouth City Airport"!!! Nothing, just the association of the word "hours" when used with journey times, and filth, litter, messy toilets, & no seats!!

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