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Full of scammers just want to take your credit card details. There is monthly charge opening & closing the account charge. Wish I read these reviews before using this website.Models, overseas ladies despite my search being 50k or less, oriental ladies trying to scam. Stay clear I've been on for a short time a few months Found nothing but models and scammers very rarely get replies Most are very similar suppose they are computer generated Still have got close to a meet yet Worst site I've been on Yes I've been rewarded too keep me here longer but still nothing happens no mails get returned Pete workenonu1 June 6th 2017 Update: Don't waste your money Well after 400 credits ill be leaving soon what a waste off money Not 1 person responded to my full messages ones that did we only scammers models and foreigners Many have more than 1 id so you can message same person many times Watch out for one that message you and then close their account and they don't check your profile This has been the biggest waste off money I've ever had I have to say that ABSOLUTE MORONS are working at Ashley Madison. Messages mysteriously re close themselves to look like you have new messages people never reply and loads of fake profiles and overseas scammers double billed me and eventually got credit but short some!! I have been a member of this site for some time in Australia... I really do wonder how many of the very few might not actually be employed by AVID DATING LIFE PTY LIMITED.According to a market research firm commissioned by Ruby, such advertising would reach 75 percent of Ashley Madison's current and former customer base.According to the Federal Trade Commission, 19 million Ashley Madison customers were based in the United States, while the remainder of its 36 million users were located in 45 other countries. 5, 2015, 24 cases in the United States - relating to the release of personal data tied to the Ashley Madison data breach, as well as claims that the service manipulated male customers by using automated chat bots - were transferred to the U. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, to be heard by Judge John A.I’m carpet bombing them with the same boilerplate message, suggesting, with unsurpassed creativity and seductiveness, that we get together for a drink.

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It's a total scam stay away guys, do not trust them with your credit card details I have to cancel mine at the end.News flash: More and more women are jumping outside their marriages in search of no-strings-attached sex. An Internet connection and an account on a site like Ashley We sent writer and monogamist Teddy Wayne to meet the growing flock of lady Don Drapers *And not by their husbands My eyes are blurry from too many post-midnight hours in front of my laptop, trolling through scores of Internet-dating profiles of women.This site is full of insecure, not so attractive, and shy passive boys that have no balls whatsoever. The latter problem by the way could be easily prevented by any first year computer science student and yet the admin can provide all the rest, grab the cash and yet not fix that. For the morally self righteous and intellectually bereft it is not a cheat on your wife site it is and is advertised as a dating site as well as affairs.And if you tell them you're interested they Sook and report you straightaway and AM takes their side!!! There are in fact women there for those that like to claim there was something wrong with your profile and I have met some but they also are too besieged by the scammers and the automated fake profiles which are so easy to spot according to some people to work out what is real or not.

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