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To do so, go into the Access Options In these situations you must manually rename the object again in your code.I find that the easiest way to check VB code is to open the editor (Alt F11), initiate a Replace (Ctr H), and set the find parameter to Current Project (all the code in the database).The technologies aren't compatible and unfortunately the web database technology that looked promising with Access Services isn't supported in subsequent versions of Access.To the best of my knowledge, you can't update a 2010 web database to 2013 or 2016 (although you can migrate the data by importing the tables into a new custom web app).This extremely handy little checkmark can automatically rename every instance and reference to your object in the database when you change the name in the Navigation Pane.Examples of supported objects include tables, queries, forms, reports, and fields.For instance, if I had a table called tbl Train, and this table was referenced in 10 queries, renaming tbl Train to tbl Trainers would cause the rename to cascade to all 10 queries. But this feature is only turned on in NEW databases made in Access 2000 or later.If you are still using an OLD database created in Access 97 – even if it has been converted to a newer format – you still need to turn this feature on yourself.

I find they are either a) paralyzed by fear or b) well trained.This probably won't help, and my brain is fading..A long long time ago in SP2007 days we had to reconnect on every workstation because Access uses something at Operating System level to establish the connection to Share Point.An Access web app has limited scope and functionality.By Laurie Ulrich Fuller, Ken Cook When you open Access 2016, the workspace offers you a list of recently opened databases, along with templates you can use to start a new database.

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